Where to Stay in Málaga?

Trazler recommends some of the best luxurious hotels in Málaga.

Málaga is a seaside city with over 2,800 years of history that’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. People come every year for the great weather, the breathtaking views, the traditional cuisine, and, of course, the luxury. Málaga has lots to offer in terms of luxury, especially when it comes to its hotels. We have gone through some of our favourite luxury hotels in Málaga.  We hope this article helps you decide where to stay in Málaga!

Palacio Solecio

An 18th-century palace, Palacio Solecio is one of the most elegant hotels in Málaga that is sure to make you feel like a royal. Although the palace has been renovated, original elements of the building’s architecture remain, such as the Moorish patio.

Palacio Solecio is in the centre of Málaga’s old town, just a quick walk away from the Museo Picasso (Picasso Museum), the Roman theatre, and the Cathedral. You’ll be sure to make the most of Málaga’s rich culture

The hotel has its own delightful restaurant and bar called Balausta, serving avant-garde twists on traditional Málagan cuisine. The restaurant is proud to use local seasonal products and regional wines, so that the customers experience the most authentic dining experience.

The rooms are luxurious, yet focus on creating a relaxing atmosphere. Each room has a classic decoration that pays homage to the palace and offers breathtaking views of Málaga. 

ADDRESS: C. Granada, 61, 29015 Málaga, Spain

CONTACT: +34 952 22 20 00 and website

Gran Hotel Miramar

Where to stay in Malaga?
Where to stay in Malaga?

Opened over a century ago, Gran Hotel Miramar is one of Málaga’s five-star hotels that highlights the city as a luxury spot. It’s a palace in its own rights, with a stunning white façade that overlooks the beach. 

More than just a luxurious hotel, Gran Hotel Miramar is a piece of Málagan history. During the Spanish Civil War, the hotel served as a hospital. Ernest Hemingway stayed at the hotel during the war.

The hotel’s design is a mix of Andalusian architecture and neo-Arab elements. Surrounding the hotel are some truly beautiful gardens, as well as two outdoor pools.

Gran Hotel Miramar offers luxurious comfort to the whole family, with a spa and wellness centre for the adults, and dedicated entertainment for children.

The hotel is also centrally located, so you’ll easily be able to walk around Málaga and discover its beauty. 

ADDRESS: P.º Reding, 22, 24, 29016 Málaga, Spain

CONTACT: +34 952 60 30 00 and website

Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro

This hotel prides itself on having the “best balcony overlooking the Mediterranean” in Málaga, which is no easy feat. Located on Mount Gibralfaro, the hotel offers its guests a unique panoramic view of Málaga’s bay.

The hotel is a traditional Andalusian building, and has been modernised with tasteful services and interior design. Parador de Málaga offers the perfect blend of luxurious comfort and traditional Andalusia. 

In terms of luxury, the hotel has lots to offer. There’s a stunning roof-top pool, as well as two high-end restaurants. 

Restaurant Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro serves Andalusian cuisine that focuses on serving fresh, high-quality local produce to customers. You can expect to eat fish, fresh vegetables, and some of the region’s best meat. Of course, you will take in the hotel’s delightful view as you eat.   

Restaurant El Mirador del Mediterraneo is a complement to the first restaurant, serving a more informal, sharing menu than its traditional counterpart. 

ADDRESS: Castillo de Gibralfaro, s/n, 29016 Málaga, Spain

CONTACT: +34 952 22 19 02 and website

Hotel Boutique Teatro Romano

Many luxurious hotels in Málaga offer luxury at a high price, which is not the case for Hotel Boutique Teatro Romano, serving comfort on a budget.

The hotel is located in the heart of the old town, opposite the Roman Theatre, an iconic and breathtaking landmark in Málaga. It’s also a very short walk away from the Picasso Museum. Staying at Hotel Boutique Teatro Romano, you won’t be missing out on any Malagan culture.

The rooms are modern and comfortable, with options ranging from the standard double room to the junior suite. Most of the rooms also offer great views of the Roman Theatre Alcazaba fortress.

At 30 € a night, Hotel Boutique Teatro Romano is a truly great option for experiencing the beauty of Málaga without emptying the bank account!

WEBSITE: C/ Alcazabilla, 7, 29015 Málaga, Spain

CONTACT: +34 951 20 44 38 and website

Hotel Carabeo

If you’re looking for luxurious tranquillity, Hotel Carabeo is for you. Originally a schoolhouse, Hotel Carabeo is a serene hotel overlooking the sea.

There are only seven rooms, each individually designed and decorated. The hotel also has a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a tapas bar. 

Restaurant 34 serves Andalusian cuisine with high-end local ingredients, especially organic fruits and vegetables. The food is traditional Mediterranean, with a modern twist.  

The restaurant makes fresh pasta everyday and has a selection of vegetarian options. There’s also a children’s menu, so the whole family can happily dine at the restaurant. 

Tapas Bar 34 is within the hotel and extends onto the street. It serves the same quality of food as the restaurant, but in a more informal and relaxed setting. It’s a great place to eat and drink for the whole family. It’s a pedestrian street, so there won’t be any cars to bother you. 

At the tapas bar, you can expect Andalusian classics, like Iberian ham and Manchego cheese. 

ADDRESS: C/ Hernando de Carabeo, 34, Nerja, Malaga, 29780

CONTACT:  00 34 952 525 444 and website 

Room Mate Larios

The first hotel to be awarded four stars in Málaga, Room Mate is truly iconic. From the unmistakable Art Deco architecture to the beautiful terrace, Room Mate is sure to delight guests. 

The terrace offers some of the best views of Málaga. It’s from the afternoon onwards, so you can enjoy a drink. On Fridays and Saturdays, the terrace closes at 2 am. 

There are 41 rooms, all decorated in the Art Deco style. Some rooms have balconies that give onto the street. The hotel also has apartments that have fully equipped kitchens. They offer a more homey experience. 

ADDRESS: C. Marqués de Larios, 2, 29005 Málaga, Spain

CONTACT: +34 952 22 22 00 and website

There are plenty of hotels in Málaga that offer unforgettable experiences to their guests. Be it stunning views, central location, or tranquillity, each hotel on this list has much to offer.

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We wish you a great time in Málaga and hope your stay in one of its many hotels is wonderful!    

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