The best beaches in Faro

Discover with Trazler the best beaches in Faro, for a dream vacation in paradise!
The best beaches in Faro

Faro is this beautiful portuguese coast town in the Algarve, a tourist region in the extreme south of Portugal. It is a jewel of the Iberic Golf that you have to visit if you’re planning a trip to Portugal! 

Faro has great architecture, a mix of Roman and Moorish ruins and 18th-century buildings and cathedrals in the old town. When in Faro, you’ll have a great choice amongst cafés, restaurants, and cultural activities such as theaters and historical visits. 

But the key to your vacation in Faro is the multiplicity of gorgeous beaches. Algarve is one of the sunniest regions of Portugal, Faro always has great Mediterranean weather, perfect to enjoy the beaches. 

We’re thereafter presenting you with the best beaches in Faro, so you can make your choice and decide which ones to visit when vacationing in Faro! 

Praia da Ilha de Faro: Faro’s main beach 

Faro’s main beach is on a small island, accessible by road and very close to the international airport. It is a long and narrow bar of sand, on this island that separates the Formosa river from the sea. It thus has a side facing the sea and another side facing the lagoon. Pretty! 

The island is inhabited, and you’ll have plenty of restaurant choices if you decide to spend the day in Praia da Ilha.

You’ll then be able to enjoy Faro’s delicious gastronomy, the specialty on the island being the “arroz de lingueirão”, rice cooked with sea solens.

Praia da Ilha usually gets pretty busy during the holidays and warm seasons. So it is good to have other beach options to visit in Faro. Let’s continue our exploration!  

Ilha da Barreta or Ilha Deserta, the deserted island 

The Ilha Deserta beach is located within the National Park of the Formosa River. This island is not inhabited (thus the name), and the beach is also a bar of sand, 7 kilometers long and 600 meters wide at the widest part. 

It also faces both the lagoon on one side and the ocean on the other side – a great shelter and refuge for wildlife, including a large number of flamingos!

You can get to Ilha Deserta by boat, it is a 30-minute ride from Faro. Apart from enjoying the paradise beach, you can also spend some time exploring the island!

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Algarve beache

Praia da Ilha da Culatra, the hidden beach of Faro

Only accessible by ferry from Faro, the Praia da Ilha Culatra is guaranteed to never get too busy and to always offer some peace to the visitors. The Ilha da Culatra is a small island close to the Formosa River National Park.

This island is inhabited, which offers a diversity of cafés and restaurants to enjoy close by. The beach is 2 kilometers long, and it might be one of the most beautiful beaches in Faro, with its dunes and crystal clear waters. 

Praia de Garrao, a gem between resorts

The “Golden Triangle” is a collection of resorts in Faro, between which are several beautiful beaches, such as the Praia de Garrao. The area, Vale do Lobo, was developed in the sixties for tourism, putting forward the beaches Faro has to offer.. 

Between riding and tennis classes, the resorts’ clients can enjoy the beaches and soak in the sun in the private beach areas on Praia de Garrao. Don’t worry, there are also many areas of the beach that are open to the general public! 

Accessible by bus, the beach is also a host for some of the finest restaurants of the Algarve: you might consider having a delicious meal in one of them if you’re stopping by Praia de Garrao! 

Praia do Almargem: the unspoiled territory 

Despite being close to popular resorts, you’ll be surprised to see that the Praia do Almargem remains an unspoiled treasure of nature. Between dunes and pine trees, you’ll be able to enjoy a rest on this long golden sand beach. 

Praia do Almargem still includes many activities, such as beach volley. It also has a fine bar-restaurant you can visit, to enjoy fresh dishes with a view. Close to the lagoon, you can also go admire some rare and beautiful flora and fauna

Even if Faro has great weather almost all year long, take into consideration that the Atlantic Ocean can be quite cold. It is most pleasant to enjoy the sea between June and September for the warmest water temperatures!

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Going on a vacation to Faro

You can still visit Faro to get your sun batteries recharged during the rest of the year, mostly between April and October, for the best weather. The Algarve has a lot to offer, so you can target Faro as your starting point for your adventures in the region! 

When planning to go to Faro, you can book with Trazler to check out different travel options from Ireland, all on the same page. You’ll have the same reservation for transportation, accommodation, and rentals, all for the most comfortable planning experience! 

We hope you have a lovely time in Faro! 

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