The ideal itinerary for the perfect honeymoon in the Philippines

Honeymoon in the Philippines: the most beautiful destinations for your romantic getaway

You just got married or are about to tie the knot? Our warmest congratulations and best wishes! As Victor Hugo once said, “Life is a flower of which love is the honey.” Perhaps this beautiful idea inspired the expression “honeymoon” to describe a wedding trip, who knows?

In any case, this honeymoon should be grand to celebrate the strength of the feelings and the happiness of the newlyweds. To achieve this, you need a stunning destination and a romantic itinerary to mark the occasion!

Don’t worry, Trazler has everything planned out. We offer a well-thought-out itinerary in a magnificent destination to help you experience the ideal honeymoon in the Philippines, as the sweet beginning of an eternal love story. Long live the lovers!

The Philippines: an ideal destination for your honeymoon

Unique experiences for an unforgettable time together

The Philippines is a perfect place for a honeymoon. The experiences the country offers are both original and romantic, and the wide range of options available can appeal to all couples.

Enjoy Filipino cuisine, a delight for the taste buds. It offers a great variety of delicious dishes, including fresh seafood, traditional dishes, and exquisite desserts made with tropical fruits, perfect for sharing together!

Plan to spend time at the beach and engage in numerous water activities, like mermaids. From kitesurfing and diving to cruises and outings with whale sharks, you’ll have plenty of fantastic photo opportunities.

A paradise setting

The landscapes in the Philippines are breathtaking without exception. White sandy beaches, crystal-clear bays, isolated islands, lush jungles, shimmering waterfalls, and spectacular sunsets are all perfect places to relax and enjoy romantic moments with your partner.

Moreover, you will find a plethora of accommodations that are both pleasant and luxurious, to indulge in during this unique trip. You can choose between luxury seaside resorts and romantic bungalows on private islands to enjoy an idyllic journey with your spouse.

It’s worth noting that Filipinos are known for their hospitality and friendliness. You will be warmly welcomed by the locals, who will be delighted to share their culture and traditions with you. You’ll leave with wonderful memories, both in your suitcase and in your heart!

A Country with Multiple Itinerary Options

The Philippines is an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, offering countless itinerary options that cater to all types of travelers. You can choose, for example:

  • The island itinerary to explore paradise islands by visiting must-sees such as Palawan, Boracay, Siargao, and Cebu. You can enjoy magnificent beaches and landscapes, as well as exciting water activities.
  • The cultural itinerary to discover the history and culture of the Philippines. Visit historical and emblematic sites like Manila, Vigan, Intramuros, and Banaue. You’ll see colonial churches, terraced rice fields, museums, and traditional villages, becoming an expert on the country.
  • The adventure itinerary, ideal for thrill-seekers, includes scuba diving at Tubbataha Reef, climbing at El Nido, hiking in Sagada, windsurfing in Boracay, surfing in Siargao, and kayaking in the mangroves.
  • The nature itinerary to explore the rich biodiversity of the Philippines. Visit national parks and nature reserves like Coron National Park, Taal Volcano National Park, and Mount Pulag Natural Park to observe a wide variety of flora and fauna, including endemic species.
  • The off-the-beaten-path itinerary for a more authentic experience. Explore less frequented destinations such as Marinduque, Camiguin, Siquijor, and Batanes, lesser-known islands offering preserved landscapes, fascinating local culture, and a peaceful atmosphere away from the tourist crowds.

Plan your trip for an unforgettable romantic experience in the Philippines

Establishing an itinerary reflecting your desires

To ensure you create a program that truly pleases you and meets the expectations of your honeymoon, determine your interests and primary travel motivations. Think about what you want to do and select the places you absolutely want to visit, to establish your itinerary accordingly.

Don’t forget to consider the time you have for your stay. Book well in advance (accommodations, travel, activities) to avoid any unpleasant surprises and to manage your budget effectively.

Packing for the Philippines with love and safety in mind

For any trip, it’s important to cover your bases, and a honeymoon is no exception. Make sure to get international travel insurance for the duration of your stay (better safe than sorry) and consider the recommended vaccinations.

Check the weather regularly to avoid getting caught in heavy rain. Follow local advice and stay in recognized safe areas. Carry some local currency (the Philippine peso), and keep an eye on your belongings. One can never be too cautious!

Choosing activities that suit you

Once there, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from locals, tour guides, and other travelers familiar with the country. They can help you discover lesser-known places, lead you off the beaten path, and provide valuable tips to enrich your travel experience.

Finally, fully enjoy your stay: you only have one honeymoon! Balance activities that excite you with quiet and romantic moments to get lost in the eyes of your soulmate.

Enjoy Your Honeymoon in the Philippines with Tips from Trazler

The ideal itinerary according to Trazler for an unforgettable honeymoon in the Philippines

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: Trazler offers an option for an ideal itinerary for your honeymoon in the Philippines. You can mix the discovery of magnificent sites in the archipelago with relaxed romantic moments!

Remember, this itinerary can easily be adapted to your budget, the time you have, and the activities that interest you. Trazler also offers another tour option for a trip to the Philippines from which you can draw inspiration. It’s up to you to create your ideal trip!

Days 1, 2 & 3: Arrive in the Philippines via Cebu, your first stop. Relax from the journey at a luxurious seaside resort with a view of the sea, and enjoy the white sandy beaches of Mactan Island.

Take a tour of the historic city to visit landmarks such as Fort San Pedro and the Taoist Temple, then arrange a trip to Malapascua Island to admire the thresher sharks.

Days 4, 5 & 6: Head to Bohol by ferry or plane. Stay at one of the charming resorts on Alona Beach, and explore the island. Don’t miss the Chocolate Hills, enjoy a cruise on the Loboc River, and meet the tarsiers, the world’s smallest primates.

Then go diving on the coral reefs of Balicasag Island, and relax on the secluded beaches of Panglao Island.

Days 7, 8 & 9: Head to Palawan (yes, it’s an archipelago, not a planet from Star Wars). Stay in a private villa or an overwater bungalow in El Nido, before setting out by boat through the islands of Bacuit Bay, stopping to dive in hidden lagoons, explore sea caves, and relax on deserted beaches.

If you’re up for it, you can hike to the top of Taraw Cliff for a panoramic view of the islands and turquoise sea. Return for a candlelit dinner on the beach to enjoy fresh seafood and local specialties.

Days 10, 11 & 12: Next, head to Siargao, and stay in a luxury villa or a cottage on General Luna Beach. Surf the famous waves of Cloud 9 and Stimpy’s, or relax on the white sandy beaches, including Magpupungko Beach and Naked Island.

Don’t miss a boat trip to Guyam Island for a day of snorkeling, picnicking, and relaxing on a secluded beach. You’ll come back with a great tan!

Days 13, 14 & 15: The penultimate stop on your journey, Boracay. Stay in a luxurious beachfront resort in Station 1 or Station 2. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and engage in water activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, and paddleboarding.

Watch the romantic sunsets from the famous Willy’s Rock viewpoint, and enjoy beach dinners and lively evenings in the bars and restaurants of D’Mall.

Day 16: Finally, on your last day, head to Manila for departure back home. Before that, explore Manila and its old town a bit. Then board your flight back home, with unforgettable memories of your honeymoon in the Philippines!

Trazler Takes You to the Philippines, the Ideal Honeymoon Destination

As you can see, the Philippines offers an idyllic backdrop for an unforgettable honeymoon. From countless white sandy beaches along a crystal-clear sea to lush mountain landscapes perfect for exploration, this paradise archipelago has everything to charm newlyweds seeking romance and adventure.

Suitable for all types of travelers, the Philippines promises an unforgettable romantic getaway marked by the natural beauty of the landscapes, the warmth of Filipino hospitality, and memories of an adventure together that will last a lifetime.If you feel inspired to choose the Philippines as your honeymoon destination, visit us at Trazler: our online platform lets you book your trip easily, with everything (tickets, accommodations, transportation) in one place and at the best price. Here’s to the first adventures of a long life as newlyweds!

What to Visit in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, visit the historic old cities of Manila and Cebu. Don’t miss the Chocolate Hills, the islands of Palawan, Boracay, and Siargao.

What to Prepare Before Traveling to the Philippines?

Be sure to book your transportation and accommodations in advance, arrange for your vaccinations and travel insurance, and follow safety recommendations once you’re there.

Why Choose the Philippines for a Honeymoon?

The Philippines is an archipelago with stunning landscapes and a wide variety of activities. Various itineraries are available to suit all travelers’ preferences, all within an idyllic and romantic setting.

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