How to spend the best holidays in New York? 

How to spend the best holidays in New York? 
How to spend the best holidays in New York? 

New York is such an iconic city, with worldwide fame that attracts 133 million tourists each year. If and when you visit it, you have to be prepared so you can enjoy it in the best way possible! 

This article will help you plan your itinerary, by sharing the best tips on how to spend the best holidays in New York. You’ll find information about the best moments for visiting NYC, the museums, restaurants, and legendary places not to miss. Happy visiting! 

How to spend holidays in New York?
New York’s worldwide fame attracts millions of tourists every year

Where to go to feel like you’re part of a legend 

Before visiting NYC, you have to know a little bit about the city so you can get around easily. New York has five districts: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Each district has its own vibe! 

You can move around NYC with the metro, bus, taxis, or walking, and you’ll make new discoveries at each corner. However, there are some key elements of sightseeing that you can’t miss! 

First, a must-see is the Statue of Liberty: if you take the free ferry to Ellis Island (also a must) you will have a great view of it. Then, one of the most iconic spots of NYC is Times Square, a bright and lively place with many lights. 

You must also visit the Rockefeller Center, climb to the top of the Empire State Building, and watch a Broadway show. Finally, don’t miss a visit to the Grand Central Terminal to admire its unique architecture.

After all these adventures, you’ll certainly feel like you soaked in all the mystic vibes of the city. However, there are still many other places to discover

What are the best moments of the year to visit NYC? 


Christmas is a magical time in New York. The city is full of lights and Christmas trees, and you can get some hot drinks everywhere to warm yourself up. It really is a beautiful moment, that’s why there are so many shows about Christmas in NYC! 

Many activities are available in the city during this time of the year: you can hunt for the best hot chocolate, listen to some Christmas concerts, take strolls in the Christmas markets, have snowball fights or ice skating afternoons in Central Park, see the Nutcracker musical, admire the Rockefeller Tree and the department stores’ light shows… There are too many things to do, you’ll have to come back!

Christmas - the best holidays in New York
Christmas in New York 

New Year’s Eve 

New Year’s Eve is a great moment for visiting New York City. There are many activities for all tastes organized to celebrate the new year that you can attend! 

You can see the Ball drop in Times Square or from nearby rooftops, gather on the Brooklyn Bridge or in Central Park for the countdown, take a cruise to watch the fireworks, or attend the 4 kilometers Midnight Run or an exclusive NYE party… 

Spring and Autumn 

According to the locals, visiting NYC between April and June, or September and November is great: the weather is good, and the city isn’t too crowded. The months of May and September will for sure offer you nice weather, and Central Park will be colorful. You’ll have a great time with indoor or outdoor activities. 

What museums should you visit? 

The Metropolitan Museum of New York 

The MET is the most visited museum in NYC, and probably the most iconic one. Close to Central Park on 5th Avenue, it has a huge diversity of art and history: its collection goes from Ancient Egypt and Greece to French impressionism paintings, with armors of the Middle Ages. 

The New York Met

The American Museum of Natural History 

Located on 8th Avenue, the Museum of Natural History is the second most visited museum in New York. It displays a large collection of treasures of nature and evolution: you’ll learn about many animals, dinosaurs, gems, meteorites, and galaxies. It’s a great place to let your curiosity flow!

The Museum of Modern Art

The MoMA is very close to the Rockefeller Center and Saint-Patrick Cathedral and focuses on modern art as its name indicates. It exhibits beautiful pieces from great artists like Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso. Visitors are always surprised by the helicopter hanging in the hall of the museum! 

The Guggenheim Museum

Close to the Met on 5th Avenue, the Guggenheim Museum itself is a must-see: you can visit it only for its breathtaking avant-garde architecture. However, if you decide to take the tour, you can discover the personal collection of Solomon R. Guggenheim, with pieces from artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, or Cézane. 

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum

The September 11 Museum opened in 2014 to tell the story of the tragic attacks of 2001. It is located underground, where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center stood. It displays plenty of detailed mementos which makes it a very emotional visit. 

Where to eat? 

New York City is a globalized and multicultural city: you can find food from everywhere in the world and have a very decadent food experience. 

First, NYC is known for its bagels for breakfast: you can find some everywhere in the city. They are adapted to all tastes, given that they are cut in half and filled with cream cheese, eggs, meat, vegetables, and any kind of toppings you want. 

Then, consider planning a brunch during your trip: this way, you can mix breakfast and lunch in one meal and feel like a local. New Yorkers also enjoy grabbing a snack in bodegas, which are little shops offering a variety of foods to go.

New York also has many Asian, French, or Italian restaurants you can enjoy, for warm dinners or take-out lunches, or even single pizza slices. You can also try a dinner, which is a classic US experience!

New York City: the trip of a lifetime? 

You now have several options for planning your best trip in New York City and experiencing an unforgettable holiday in the Big Apple. NYC is sometimes referred to as “the city that never sleeps” because you’ll always find something to do that you’ll like. You can also check out our other articles on NYC to get more detailed insights. 

When preparing for your trip, you can book with Trazler which will offer you a highly simplified booking experience. Trazler’s website allows you to book everything, from your accommodation, transportation, and car rentals all on the same page. The website also helps you to find the best prices for your trip. We wish you the best and dreamiest time in New York City!

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