When is the best time to Visit Faro?

Planning a trip to Faro? Let us tell you what is the best period to visit Portugal.
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What Is the Best Time to Visit Faro

Faro, capital of the Algarve region in Portugal, is a picturesque seaside town with a rich culture and history. Although beautiful, Faro is not a popular destination, being overlooked for other beautiful Portuguese spots like Madeira or Porto. Faro does have a lot to offer all year round, from stunning hikes in the Portuguese countryside to warm and relaxing afternoons by the sea. We are going to go through the best time to go to Faro from Ireland.

We hope this article makes you as excited about Faro as it does us! 

What months are best for visiting Faro?

Faro is a truly beautiful place on the coast of Portugal, so there’s really not correct answer as to when you should go. 

The best month will depend on what you are looking for, whether that’s the best beach weather, lower travel, and accommodation prices, or cooler temperatures to go on hikes.

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The best month to visit Faro

Best for cultural activities – January to March

The winter months are when Faro is at its quietest since it will be too cold to make the most of its beautiful beaches. Average temperatures in January are around 11℃ and can sometimes reach 15℃. 

Although you probably won’t go for a swim, you can still discover some of the cultures that Faro has to offer. From art exhibitions and live performances to film screenings, Faro always has something going on. 

January is also when you will get some of the cheapest tickets to Faro

It starts getting sunnier and warmer in March, so you can make the most of Faro’s culture and go for long walks. You will see the first flowers blooming in the hillsides.   

Best months for outdoor activities – April to May

Since the weather isn’t too hot during spring, Faro is great for outdoor activities, such as long hikes, mountain biking, or relaxing seaside walks. 

If you’re feeling adventurous you can do the famous Via Algarviana hike, a 300 km walk through the Algarve region. This is a lovely way to discover Portugal and all its beauties, from the mountains to the Atlantic coast.

During the hike, you will see some of Portugal’s rich wildlife, beautiful rural villages, and, of course, stunning landscapes.

You also have the option of doing short walks that can be done within one day. 

Spring is lovely in Faro, because the weather isn’t too hot and you won’t get much rain. Also, it’s not peak tourist season, so you’ll be avoiding most of the crowds.

Travel and accommodation aren’t as expensive as in the summer months. Bear in mind, however, that plane tickets can still be quite expensive. A return ticket from Dublin to Faro, for example, costs around 220 € if booked in advance. 

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What Is the Best Time to Visit Faro- Summer

Best beach weather – June to August

During the summer months, Faro gets its hottest weather, with average temperatures of 28℃ during that period. Temperatures can rise up to 45℃, which can be dangerous for very young children and older tourists.

The weather is idyllic in Faro during the summer: you’ll get clear blue skies, virtually no rain, and ocean breezes from the Atlantic that cool things down. 

The days are the longest in July, giving you the most time to relax at the beach or explore Faro. 

In July, there are also a lot of festivals in the Algarve region, such as Afro Nation Portugal, the biggest Afrobeat festival in the world, which will be headlined by Burna Boy and 50 Cent this year.

July and August are the peak months for tourism in Faro, meaning that accommodation and travel are going to be more expensive. These months see the biggest crowds on Faro’s beaches.

A return flight from Dublin to Faro is going to cost anywhere from 270 € to 370 € if you book in advance. Last-minute bookings will be more expensive. 

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June to August – best months to visit Faro

The least busy beach month – September

In September, the weather is slightly cooler than in June, with average temperatures of 23-24℃. Temperatures can rise to 26℃. With the cooler weather, you won’t be scorching at the beach, making for a very pleasant day.

You will also be avoiding crowds, so travel and accommodation will be less expensive than during the summer period. 

Return plane tickets to Faro from Ireland will cost around 200 € if booked in advance. 

Quietest months for outdoor activities – October and November

In October, you might find it too cool to go to the beach (average temperatures of 18℃) but you can still go on hikes without the heat being too intense.

The Via Algarviana hike, mentioned before in the article, is also lovely in October. Be aware, however, that you are likely to get more rain in the autumn months. On average it rains 10 days during the month of October in Faro. 

You’ll also get to see beautiful flocks of birds migrating to Africa. It’s truly a wonderful sight for bird enthusiasts.

November is even quieter in Faro, so it’s ideal for people who want to see all of Faro’s beautiful views without the crowds.

Since October and November are the off-season months for Faro, you can expect to get much cheaper plane tickets. On average, a return ticket from Ireland to Faro will cost 120 €.

Christmas celebrations – December

If you want to celebrate Christmas in a milder climate than Ireland, Faro is perfect. With average temperatures of 14℃, going up to 17℃, you can have a great Christmas with family and friends without being cold. 

Faro, and many towns in the Algarve region, set up beautiful Christmas decorations, like real-life scenes from the Nativity. You can be sure to find Christmas markets that will be selling local produce. 

Faro also has impressive fireworks demonstrations for New Year’s. 

Bear in mind, however, that traveling to Faro from Ireland around Christmas is quite expensive. Prices can vary drastically, from 230 € to 450 €. 

Are there ways to get cheap plane tickets from Ireland to Faro?

Tickets from Ireland to Faro can be expensive, so we always recommend that you book in advance. If booked last minute, plane tickets can be very expensive.

The plane ticket prices we have mentioned in the article have all been for direct flights. Direct flights from Dublin to Faro take 2 hours 55 minutes on average. If you want cheaper tickets, you can book flights that stop in France. These flights can take 6 hours. 

Book with Trazler to explore your different options to travel from Ireland to Faro.

Despite what a lot of people may think, Faro isn’t worth visiting only in the summer. Its beautiful landscapes have so much to offer all year round, be it long hikes or cultural discoveries.

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