How to find cheap tickets to Disneyland Paris ?

Trazler tells you how to save as much money on your trip to Disneyland Paris, without sacrificing anything about your experience.
How to Get Cheap Tickets to Disneyland Paris
How to Get Cheap Tickets to Disneyland Paris

One of Paris’ many tourist attractions is Disneyland Paris, the world-renowned theme park that drew in over 3.5 million excited visitors last year. Boasting countless rides, shows, hotels, restaurants, and roller coasters, Disneyland Paris offers its guests unforgettable experiences. Disneyland Paris’ popularity means that tickets can be very expensive, especially during peak times in the year. There are ways, however, to get cheap tickets, without losing out on a wonderful experience.

This article will go through some of the things you can do to make sure your Disneyland Paris ticket is as cheap as possible.

Types of tickets – find the cheap tickets

Main alley - Disneyland, cheap tickets
Main alley – Disneyland, cheap tickets

The best value for your money on Disneyland Paris tickets first depends on how long you want to spend in the theme park.

Don’t forget that Disneyland Paris is made up of two separate parks: Disneyland Park, open since 1992, and Walt Disney Studios, open since 2002. 

You won’t have enough time to visit both parks in one day without rushing. And at Disneyland Paris, there’s no point in rushing, as you won’t have a good time.

So, if you decide to stay for two days, buy a two-day combined ticket. This will be much cheaper than buying two separate one-day tickets. If you are going for 1 day, you can get the one-day ticket.

If you want to go to both parks in one day, remember that Walt Disney Studios is open until 7 pm, and Disneyland Park is open until 11 pm. 

Buying flexible tickets

To make sure that you don’t cancel on your Disneyland Paris booking, make sure to buy flexible tickets.

Flexible tickets are valid for one year after you’ve bought them, so you can go to Disneyland Paris whenever it suits you. This means that you don’t have to plan your entire Paris trip around a fixed date for Disneyland Paris. 

Also, buying in advance is generally cheaper for Disneyland Paris tickets. The tickets will be the most expensive if you buy them on-site at Disneyland Paris. 

Choose the right date to get cheap tickets

Like many tourist attractions, Disneyland Paris is more expensive during peak seasons, like Spring and Summer. 

During peak seasons, not only will Disneyland Paris tickets themselves be more important, transport and accommodation will also be more costly.

Disneyland Paris is open all year, so you can go during the month that suits you best. Off-season tickets will be less expensive, they will also let you experience Disneyland Paris without the crowds. 

On average, tickets during the peak seasons cost 90€ per adult and 80€ per child. In comparison, tickets for the off-seasons can cost 56€ per adult and 52€ per child

Paris does get a lot of rain, however, so check the weather before you plan your trip. Buying flexible tickets lets you be less affected by poor weather. 

Ticket prices are also different depending on the days of the week. Weekends are busier, and thus more expensive, so going during the week is less expensive. 

Saving money on transport

The castle in Disneyland Paris
The castle in Disneyland Paris

Travelling to Paris for cheap

Coming from Dublin, you’re going to have to fly to Paris. Plane tickets don’t have to be expensive if you buy them in advance, especially with budget airlines.

Like Disneyland Paris tickets, plane tickets are cheaper if bought during off-season periods.

If you plan on going to Paris, you can buy your plane tickets from Dublin through the Trazler website at the lowest possible prices. 

Transport to Disneyland Paris from Paris

Disneyland Paris is far from the centre of the city, so you’ll have to pay for transport to get there. 

There are options for private shuttles to and from Disneyland Paris, that are quick and convenient and let you avoid all the crowds. This is the most expensive transport to and from Disneyland Paris, however.

Otherwise you can take the RER, the Paris train, which takes roughly 45 minutes from the centre of Paris. You have to take Line A (red line)

A one-way ticket costs 5€ for adults and 2.50€ for children. On the other hand, a one-way private shuttle can cost you over 60€ for 4 people.

Things to note with the RER is that they can get very crowded on the way back from Disneyland Paris. 

Also, the last RER is at 11 pm, with the next one the following morning at 5 am. Make sure you can catch your train if you take the RER.

Saving money on accommodation

A lot of people stay at Disneyland Paris for two days, so decide to get accommodation within or around the theme park.

Even though it’s convenient and enticing, accommodation within the theme park is very expensive, especially during peak seasons of the year.

You really don’t have to sleep inside the park to have a great experience, it’s just an added luxury.

If your trip to Paris is planned around Disneyland Paris, it’s best to get accommodation near the theme park as it’s much cheaper. It’s also way more convenient than getting accommodation in the city and travelling to and from the park every day. 

Don’t worry, the hotels around the park are just as good as the ones inside. 

However, if Disneyland Paris is just one day in a longer trip to Paris, we recommend you get accommodation in the city and travel by RER.

With Trazler, you can book accommodation at low prices on our clear and accessible website. You can book all tickets for your trip to Paris, including plane, train, and bus tickets.

Saving money in Disneyland Paris

Once you’re in the park, there are still ways to save money.

Saving money on food

Although you’re not allowed to bring food in from outside the park, you can avoid spending too much on food.

There are a lot of restaurants in Disneyland Paris, but a lot of these are quite expensive. Make sure you’re aware of prices before you sit down to eat.

Also, most restaurants serve fast food. 

Saving money on souvenirs and merchandise

During your stay in Disneyland Paris, you will be surrounded by stalls and shops selling merchandise. It’s very tempting to buy stuff on the spot, especially if you have children with you. 

Bear in mind that most of the merchandise can be found outside the park, or in Paris, at a much lower price. 

A lot of the time, souvenirs end up being a big expense when you go to Disneyland Paris. Buying the merchandise at a lower cost will save you money without ruining your experience in any way. 

Now that we’ve shared some of the best tips to save money for your trip to Disneyland Paris, going to the famous theme park isn’t going to break the bank! 

We hope that we’ve shown you can have just as good a holiday without spending as much – saving money doesn’t have to come at a price! If you have any other advice to get cheap tickets, please share it in the comments.

At Tazler, we’re invested in making sure you can organise wonderful holidays at a lower cost and in a stress-free way. With our clear and accessible website, you can buy plane, train, and hotel tickets, all at the cheapest possible price.

We hope you have an amazing trip to Disneyland Paris and that you love it as much as we do! 

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