Where to find the best New York pizza? 

Trazler tells you all about the best places to find pizza in New York City!
Where to find the best New York pizza

The first idea you might get when planning on visiting New York is to rush towards the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, or Central Park. And we encourage you to do so!  But when you finish visiting these iconic NYC places, your legs might get sore and your stomach might start making itself heard. Then you might want to weigh your options for a nice NYC food experience We have the perfect suggestion for you! Did you know that pizza is really popular in New York City? It was brought in the 19th century by Italian immigrants, who then founded the first pizzeria in the US in 1905. Yum! 

Since then, pizza has become really popular in NYC, and the city has even developed its own pizza species, the “New-York style pizza”. There are pizza places everywhere in NY, serving large, thin and flavorful slices. 

After learning about the history of the NY pizza and the multiplicity of places where you could buy some, you might ask yourself: where can I find the best New York pizza

Well, we’re always concerned about your well-being and the happiness of your stomach: we’ve selected some places where you can find some of the best NY pizza, based on your personal criteria and social needs! 

Adrienne’s Pizza Bar 

The best pizza in NY - Adrienne's pizza bar
Adrienne’s Pizza Bar

Located in Manhattan since 2004, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar serves you some huge pizzas cooked in their pizza oven: the concept here might just be “sharing is caring”. 

The pizzas are so enormous that they are made to be shared, so it might be the best place to go with all your friends! 

You can choose several toppings on the same pizza so everyone’s tastes are satisfied. You can also just buy a single slice on the go! 

Adrienne’s Pizza Bar also offers pasta, salads, sandwiches and a selection of other delicious foods. In summer, they have an outside terrace on the pedestrians-only street with very nice vibes. Very recommended!

ADDRESS: 54 Stone Street (Wall Street)

CONTACT: +1 212-248-3838 

Roberta’s Pizza

In Bushwick, Brooklyn, you’ll have to enter an old garage to find Roberta’s Pizza. However, you might have spotted it from afar based on the line outside on the busiest days! 

With an authentic interior design, a very cool atmosphere and original pizza names (“I’d like to order a Cheesus Christ please!”), the food experience at Roberta’s pizza is most enjoyable

Also, the owners are in a sustainable mindset. Almost all the ingredients on your pizza are cultivated on the roof of the restaurant: very local! Ans, last but not least, the good news: Roberta’s Pizza opened new locations in New York ! 

ADDRESSES: 261 Moore St Brooklyn, État de New York

6 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

570 Lexington Ave, NY 10022

230 Park Avenue (Urbanspace)

152 West 52nd Street (Urbanspace)

CONTACT: Website 

John’s of Bleecker Street 

John's of Bleecker Street - the best pizza in NY
John’s of Bleecker Street

John’s of Bleecker Street is a historic pizzeria and one of the most famous pizza places in New York City. Located in West Village, it was founded in 1929 by John Sasso, an Italian immigrant. 

John’s of Bleecker Street seems frozen in time: you can sit in old wooden chairs, while enjoying your delicious pizza in an authentic atmosphere. If there is a possibility that you have to wait for a bit, service is quick and pleasant. 

Many clients recommend the garlic bread, aside from the pizzas with thin and crunchy crust. Yum! 

ADDRESS: 278 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10014

CONTACT: Website 

Joe’s Pizza 

In New York, a very popular way of eating pizza is on the go. Which is the concept of Joe’s Pizza: customers mostly come for a quick meal, with the pizzas sold in slices.

Joe’s Pizza was founded in 1975 by Neapolitan Joe Pozzuoli, who wanted to share the art of pizza with new yorkers: it now has 5 addresses in the city! But the first address next to Washington Square Park remains the most popular. 

The customers, mainly businessmen and working people, come eat their pizza slices on the go for a few dollars. Even if you order a slice, it is still very filling. You can also get a full pizza! 

ADDRESSES: 7 Carmine Street. 

150 East 14th Street. 

216 Bedford Avenue. 

1435 Broadway. 

124 Fulton Street.

CONTACT: Website 

Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza - the best pizza in NYC
Di Fara Pizza

At Di Fara Pizza, the Italian original founder Domenico is still the one cooking your pizza, since 1965! With the help of his children, he makes the most delicious pizza, now very famous in New York City. 

The majority of ingredients are directly imported from Italy, and cooked on thick and crusty pizzas. Take into consideration that the restaurant is often very crowded, and there can be a long wait, mostly in the evenings. But that’s the price to pay to eat the best!

ADDRESS: 1424 J Avenue 

CONTACT: Website

Now, you know everything about some of the greatest places where you can find the best pizza in New York City. But remember: the city is full of surprises, and you can find other great locations almost anywhere! 

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