The most unusual hotels in Amsterdam 

Explore with Trazler the most unusual hotels in Amsterdam, and decide if you want to stay in one of them!
Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and has amazing architecture to visit!

We all know that Amsterdam is a special city. It has all the secrets and originality one could ever wish for when planning a vacation! And one of the things you are most likely to pay attention to is your accommodation or at least the architecture of the city. 

Either way, this article presents you with four of the most unusual hotels you can find in Amsterdam! This way, you can have ideas of accommodation or even just places to visit and admire when you’re wandering around the city. 

The Faralda: built inside of a cran

Okay, let’s speak the truth here. The Faralda is a monumental, excessive, and dramatic hotel (they say it themselves), built inside a massive harbor crane: it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget! 

The hotel has been built thanks to a project about patrimony and monuments preservation in Amsterdam, restoring and redeveloping the crane through a new vision. 

The hotel has beautiful luxury suites that you need to book and get approval for. You can then enjoy the view of the city from the top observation deck of the crane. What a romantic experience! 

The Faralda offers a free minibar and breakfast directly served in the suites. It also harbors a great taste for music and receives worldwide famous leading DJs for live-streaming sessions. 

We have to mention that Faralda won the “most Romantic & Inspiring venue in The Netherlands” award. It also represents a key architectural and historical landmark in Amsterdam!  

ADDRESS: NDSM-Plein 78, 1033 WB Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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The concept of Amsterdam’s Art’otel is simple: just reimagine everything you think your ideal hotel should be and get to the conclusion that what you need is an art-inspired lifestyle. 

The hotel describes itself as “a hub of creativity and comfort at the heart of Amsterdam”, and we kind of agree: it is unique! Basically, the hotel hosts the work of its signature artist, Atelier van Lieshout, which makes the stay at the hotel an immersion into contemporary art. 

The artist displays 120 pieces of art throughout the hotel’s corridors, with a central theme being “the course of life”, portraying the different stages of human life and experience. A thoughtful reflective experience! 

Art’otel also includes a beautiful bar restaurant, the ARCA restaurant, which is a key hangout in the neighborhood. ARCA offers a unique experience, a taste of Portuguese cuisine paired with Asian influences.

Finally, Art’otel offers tours and workshops about street art, for its guests to soak in the complete artistic experience and find their own inspiration and creativity

ADDRESS: Prins Hendrikkade 33, 1012 TM Amsterdam, Netherlands.

CONTACT: +31 20 719 7200 and website

Botel Amsterdam, a hotel on a boat 

Located on the NDSM wharf in North Amsterdam, the Botel hotel is a 3-stars hotel offering you a room on a boat! Better not be seasick. You can choose several cabin or loft options (including fun letter lofts) based on your preferred type of accommodation. 

The most unusual hotels in Amsterdam - boat

The neighborhood is described as a vibrant host for modern life: you can attend several events including art exhibitions and music festivals, shop at flea markets, admire the new architecture, and enjoy bars, cafés, and restaurants. It is also a great starting point for visiting the city. 

Each room has a great view of the harbor and canals, and the hotel offers relaxing activities and areas such as the bar, the pool game, a buffet breakfast, a roof terrace, and bicycle service. 

If you like being close to the water (there is plenty of it in Amsterdam), this might just be a great option for you! It is also fairly affordable, a great quality for a hotel in Amsterdam. 

ADDRESS: NDSM-pier 31033 RG Amsterdam, Netherlands.

CONTACT: +31 20 626 4247 and website

Here, now you know several locations for some of the most unusual hotels in Amsterdam! The city actually has many more of them, but this is a small selection of places we recommend. 

You can also check them out as a visitor when wandering in Amsterdam if you don’t wish to book accommodation there, they are great for sightseeing as well. 

When planning your trip to Amsterdam, you can avoid the hassle and the stress of planning your vacation by booking your trip on the Trazler website: this way, you can have all your plane, bus, and train tickets, car rentals, and accommodations under the same reservation! 

We wish you the best trip and travel experience to the beautiful and fascinating Amsterdam! 

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