How to choose the best accommodation in Rome city centre ?

Choosing the accommodation best suited to your needs in Rome is no hassle thanks to our useful travel tips at Trazler! 
Rome city centre: How to choose the best accommodation?
Rome city centre: How to choose the best accommodation?

Rome is a beautiful city for a stay away from Ireland. Home to the premises of architecture from Roman Antiquity and the famous Italian Renaissance, the “Eternal city” has everything to offer for an ideal business or leisure trip. 

However, choosing the right accommodation is more important than you may think. Indeed, in Rome especially, living in the right place can completely change your experience of the city! 

Read along to find out more about how to choose the best accommodation in Rome, best suited to your needs! Our hands-on guide guides you through the entire accommodation selection process, hope it helps! 

Find the best place to stay in Rome

Find a stay within walking distance of Rome’s major attractions 

When visiting a city, you’ll usually hear that staying at a central location is key, well this is all the more the case in Rome!

Rome is a very large city, but its historical city centre isn’t all that big. Make sure you are at walking distance from Rome’s major attractions, you’ll save a lot of time every day, and a considerable amount of money on transportation 

The major Roman landmarks and iconic streets to look out for when booking a stay 

The Colosseum

This is probably the most famous of Roman landmarks: the Roman Colosseum. It is the largest Roman amphitheatre ever built and the largest of the sort still standing in the world today, nearly 2,000 years later.

Finding accommodation near the Colosseum guarantees immediate access to the site, as well as the historical Roman area, Celio, Monti and Trevi. 

The Colosseum in Rome
The Colosseum in Rome

Vatican City 

At the complete opposite of the old city, you’ll find Vatican City!

Vatican City is a landlocked microstate inside the City of Rome, and home to the Pope, head of the Catholic Church and bishop of Rome. As the smallest state in the world, you’ll find no accommodation there, but the neighbouring streets are a wonderful place to stay during your trip to Rome!

Enjoy the beautiful streets of Aurelio, Prati and Ponte, just a couple of strolls away from the treasures of the Vatican! 

Vatican City in Rome
Vatican City in Rome

The Pantheon and Piazza Navona

In between the Colosseum and Vatican City, you’ll find the historically charged neighbourhood of the Pantheon and the Piazza Navona.

At the very heart of Central Rione VI Parione lie baroque fountains, Renaissance palaces, cobbled streets, bars, pizzerias, and trattorias. Staying close to the Pantheon (an iconic temple with a Renaissance dome) and the Piazza Navona (an elegant square from the 1st century AD) is the way to go for a perfect stay close to the vibrant city centre. 

​The Spanish steps 

Another central and well-located place to stay in Rome is near the Spanish steps. These 18th-century steps built at the request of French diplomats are now a beautiful place to stay in central Rome. The neighbourhood boasts a wide range of restaurants, bars, cafés and places to visit. Staying in this rather Northern part of the city is definitely an option to consider! 

For more practical information on how to get about and spend your time in Rome, visit our dedicated article compiling essential tips for planning the perfect holiday from Dublin or Cork to Rome

The Spanish steps in Rome
The Spanish steps in Rome

Find your desired accommodation type 

A wide range of accommodations in Rome

The city centre of Rome boasts a wide range of accommodation types, including hotels, hostels, guesthouses and individual flats. If you opt for a hotel, a wide range of brandings and included services are also available, from low-cost hotels to all-included higher-standard hotels (including concierge, daily housekeeping and dining services). 

For a wide range of budgets 

The “Eternal City” is a place for all budgets: you’ll always be able to find the accommodation best suited to your travel budget. Careful research will get you to the correct accommodation considering your needs. Although staying in the centre (as discussed above) is usually more expensive than staying further away in the city, you’ll always be able to find a good deal in the centre, even on a lower budget. 

Compare from a wide range of location, accommodation, and price options when booking your stay on Trazler 
Compare from a wide range of location, accommodation, and price options when booking your stay on Trazler 

As long as you book in advance 

This goes without saying, competition for finding a place to stay in Rome can get quite high during peak holiday times, but more globally all year round.

Indeed, Rome has the reputation of being fully booked quite a while in advance. As such, to make sure you find the best stay deal that suits your desired accommodation type and budget, be sure to book a couple weeks or months ahead! 

And avoid peak tourist season

Finding the perfect accommodation for your trip is pretty straightforward when bearing in mind all our helpful tips, but be mindful that Rome can get extremely busy during peak tourist season, i.e. from June to September. 

If you’re looking for the best value out of your stay, then booking off-peak season is probably one of the best choices you can make. If your work planning lets you do so, consider travelling in May or September: you’ll get fewer tourists, more affordable stays, and a better overall experience of the city! 

For more tips and tricks on how to save time and money on your holidays from Dublin, read our dedicated article here! 

A couple things to look out for when choosing your accommodation in Rome

Check reviews and ratings online

One of the best ways to make sure the accommodation you’ve chosen is a nice place to stay is to have a look at previous ratings and reviews.

Nothing is more valuable than the opinion of previous travellers, who know the user experience of a stay better than anyone else! Luckily for you, booking your accommodation with Trazler provides you with many useful reviews and ratings to help you make the most informed decision.

Check for included amenities and facilities

As seen before, Rome is a city where all accommodation types coexist. From luxury stays to simple hostels, the city boasts a wide range of accommodation standards. Accordingly, the amenities and facilities you would like on your trip may not always be included, depending on where you are looking to stay. 

Make a short list of what amenities are important for you, and start booking according to this. Keep an eye out for free Wi-Fi connection, breakfast in the morning, elevators (especially if you have heavy luggage), and air conditioning (especially over the summer period).

All this can be viewed at a simple glance straight on our smart and efficient online booking platform at Trazler! 

Pay attention to safety and security 

Rome isn’t particularly an insecure city to stay in, but as a popular tourist destination, staying safe from thieves and pickpockets is essential!

To this extent, try booking stays with well-lit communal areas, secure property entrances, concierges or building guards, and maybe in-room safes for all of your valuables. 

Having a quick look at your chosen hotel’s website will give you instant access to all of this information! 

Be mindful of any special requirements you have 

If you’re travelling with pets, the elderly, or young people, or have accessibility requirements, make sure you bear these special requests in mind when booking your stay.

Most places will be able to accommodate your needs, but this information must be communicated to your stay manager when booking so they can make all required arrangements. 

Check transportation accessibility 

Last but not least, be sure to check the available transportation methods close to your chosen place to stay! Being in the city centre will probably help you save a lot of time and money on transport, but you might still need to use the transportation system a couple times to get to other parts of the city, especially those outside of the city centre. 

Have a look at local bus stations, metro stations, and taxi parking spaces close to your accommodation, these will help make your time in Rome much easier altogether! 


If you’re thinking about spending your next leisure or business trip in Rome and are a little worried about finding your accommodation, then you’ve come to the right place! 

Hopefully, this article will have provided you with all the best information and useful tips about where to stay in Rome, how to find your accommodation, and what to look out for when booking. We’ve got you covered! 

With this in mind, head straight to our smart and efficient online booking platform to compare all suitable accommodations and find the one best suited to your needs! Head to our webpage now! 

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