Flights to Croatia from Ireland: 10 tips to book smart

Are you spending your stay in Croatia? This article delivers the 10 most useful tips when booking your flights from Ireland to Croatia! 

Croatia is a popular travel destination amongst Irish travellers, whether they be doing so for work or leisure purposes. If you’re thinking about doing the same, you’ve come to the right place! 

There are a few useful tips to be aware of before booking your flights from Ireland to Croatia to enjoy your perfect stay in the Balkans. From airport tricks to travel hacks, this article offers you the 10 most important tips to be aware of concerning your flights. Read along to find out more! 

Travelling to Split in Croatia is a very popular destination amongst Irish travellers! 
Travelling to Split in Croatia is a very popular destination amongst Irish travellers! 

Tip 1: Be flexible with your travel dates 

This may come without saying, but it’s always worth saying: be as flexible as you can on your travel dates. Plane tickets from Ireland to Croatia can get quite expensive during the summer season, so be sure to consider travelling during the off-peak season, that is from September to June

For instance, booking the same flights from Dublin to Split in September can cost you up to 50% less than booking in July or August. 

Also, have a look at midweek and early morning or late evening flights to help you save more on your tip! Transfers might get a little more complicated, but it’s always a nice tip to save on your flight! 

Luckily for you, Trazler’s smart and efficient online booking platform lets you compare prices at different dates and times: simply try out various dates and pick the one that best suits your budget! 

Tip 2: Book ahead of travelling 

This is another easy and straightforward trip to book smart on your holiday from Ireland to Croatia. The more you book early, the less flights are usually expensive. 

For example, booking the same flights two months ahead can help you save up to nearly 50% on your flight costs, compared to booking for the next week. 

Booking a week ahead can get expensive, as seen here! 
Booking a week ahead can get expensive, as seen here! 
However, booking over a month ahead can help you save up to 50% on your trip! 
However, booking over a month ahead can help you save up to 50% on your trip! 

What is more, Croatia is a very popular travel destination from Northern Europe because of its seaside landscapes and warmth, so prices can spike quite quickly, especially over the summer period. 

Tip 3: Consider flying from another airport than Dublin 

Flying from Dublin Airport is an easy choice, chances are your airport transfer will be swift and easy. However, be sure to consider flying from alternative airports, prices can be considerably cheaper. 

If you’re in the West, Knock Airport or Shannon Airport are the way to go! Booking smarter from Knock or Shannon is as easy as it gets, plane tickets usually being much cheaper! 

However, please bear in mind that these airports do not offer direct flights to Croatia, so you’ll have to transfer flights (probably in London) to get to Croatia! This might not be the most handy, but you could end up saving a bit! 

Tip 4: Don’t stick to your usual airline

You may be tempted to always stick to your usual airline, but this isn’t always the way to go. Sticking to your habits will only prevent you from booking smarter. As such, be sure to consider all options you have at hand. 

To do so, start with Tralzer, your useful flight aggregator that combines information from different airlines and travel agencies. Tralzer’s efficient online comparison and booking tool lets you select the flights that best suit your needs and budget, comparing data from different airline providers. Start booking now! 

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid of airport layovers

We’ve been through this when talking about Knock and Shannon airports: layovers may be an interesting option to consider. Whether you live far from Dublin and require a layover in any case, or you’re simply looking to save a bit on your flights, this is something to consider

Travel times will be longer, but you might end up thanking us for booking smarter after all. Check out all your layover options on Trazler now! 

Tip 6: Be mindful of additional travel costs 

Low-cost airlines will usually get your attention by offering cheap flights, but you may end up spending more than opting for a higher-class provider in the end. Indeed, all things considered, low-cost airlines charge you for any baggage fees, seat selection, onboard food or meals, and more… 

Our smart booking platform at Trazler helps you make the most informed decision, considerate of additional travel costs. Make sure you bear this in mind before booking! 

Tip 7: Try to book with flexible cancellation policies 

Although most low-cost airlines don’t offer refundable tickets, you may be willing to ensure your journey against any travel or health hazards you may encounter. As such, be sure to check your booking’s cancellation policy, for your peace of mind in the event of any hazard. 

Cancellation and booking modification policies can be found on your chosen airline’s website, or simply when booking your flight online. These may be hard to find, so make sure to keep an eye out! 

Tip 8: Make sure you understand baggage policies

Make sure you take baggage policies into account when comparing flights, as airline operators don’t all have the same policies in terms of what is allowed or not. 

Most airlines have strict restrictions on how much luggage is allowed, so be sure to check all of this ahead of travelling! Also, be sure to bear this in mind when comparing prices between multiple operators. 

At Trazler, our smart online booking platform lets you filter flights according to your desired baggage policy. For instance, on this example of a flight from Dublin to Dubrovnik, you are only shown flights with no extra baggage allowance. Check how much extra luggage would cost you before booking! 

Make sure you use our baggage filter tool on our website! 
Make sure you use our baggage filter tool on our website! 

Tip 9: Sign up to fare alert newsletters 

Sometimes finding a good flight bargain from Ireland to Croatia is simply a matter of time. Indeed, booking in advance won’t always ensure you get the best travel options, and at the best price. Sometimes all it takes is the correct travel bargain from an airline company. 

For instance, you may have heard already that booking during the week and at very late or early hours ensures you aren’t competing with anyone on the booking website. Well, although this may sometimes be somewhat true, it isn’t usually very helpful. 

Instead, be sure to sign up for our discounts, exclusive rates and other special offers newsletter at the very end of our homepage! We’ll keep you updated with all the best travel offers offered by various airlines, to help best inform your decision. 

Tip 10: Make sure you have the appropriate travel documentation to fly 

Last but not least, smart booking includes making sure you have the appropriate travel documentation to fly, and this ahead of actually travelling. Have a little look at the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs’ travel advice webpage to find out all there is to know about travelling from Ireland to Croatia. 

Luckily for you, we’ve recorded some of the most useful information for you right here: 

  • If you are an Irish or European citizen, you need no Visa to travel to Croatia, nor do you have any maximum stay period (e.g. three months). If you do however decide to stay more than three months, you are advised to register for a temporary stay at your local council. 
  • There is no minimum passport validity period for Irish or European citizens to travel to Croatia (e.g. six-month validity). All you need is an up-to-date passport valid for the duration of your travels, and you’re good to go! 
  • Register for a European Health Insurance Card to make sure you are insured in the event of health hazards, and make sure you have travel insurance. 
  • Check the list of vaccinations needed to travel to Croatia with your doctor, at least eight weeks ahead of travelling. 
  • Be mindful of earthquakes and wildfires, there are many in the region. Be sure to follow all local authorities’ recommendations. 

For more useful information, visit the DFA’s Know Before You Go guide


Travelling to Croatia is very popular amongst Irish travellers for leisure or work. If you are concerned, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips to help you with booking your trip from Ireland to Croatia. 

From booking ahead to staying flexible with your travel dates, along with flying from a different airport, with a different airline company, and considering airport transfers, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you make the most informed choices when booking your flights. 

Additionally, make sure you pay attention to additional travel costs (such as baggage costs), and cancellation policies and have the appropriate travel documentation at hand. 

Hopefully, you’ll get things right if you follow all the tips in this article. For any more tips on travelling abroad, be sure to check out our Inspiration by Trazler blog webpage. Start booking with Trazler now! 

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