Flights from Cork to Faro – Everything You Need to Know

Trazler goes through everything you need to know about flights from Cork to Faro, from the best time of the year to travel to how to get cheap flight tickets. We also offer advice for getting from the airport to Faro city centre

Faro, the bustling capital of Portugal’s Algarve region, is a highly sought-after vacation spot for people all over Europe. Tourists flock to the city to soak up its warm weather and rich cultural heritage, with many of its landmarks dating back to the 13th century.

For many Irish travellers, a trip to Faro is an absolute must. Luckily, flights from Cork to Faro are abundant, with 63 flights departing each week.

This article is here to help you plan your Cork to Faro trip by providing important information on the best times to travel, as well as the peak tourist seasons in Faro. Additionally, we’ll suggest some travel options to get you to the city centre after your arrival at Faro airport.

Important information about flights from Cork to Faro

Which airport will I arrive at in Faro

The airport you will arrive at is Faro airport (FAO), 4 km west of downton Faro.

How long does the flight from Cork to Faro take?

The average flight from Cork to Faro takes 2 hours 35 minutes. 

Are flights from Cork to Faro non-stop?

Yes, you won’t have to take any connecting flight when going from Cork to Faro. There are options to take connecting flights if you want to, however.

What’s the time difference between Cork and Faro?

Surprisingly, there’s no time difference between Cork and Faro. Both Ireland and Portugal are in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) time zone. This means that you won’t have to worry about jet lag when you fly from Cork to Faro!

Booking flights from Cork to Faro in advance

Flights from Cock to Faro - All you need to know
Flights from Cock to Faro

If you want to get the prices on your plane tickets from Cork to Faro, it is vital that you book your tickets in advance. It’s usually best to get your plane tickets at least 30 days before your arrival in Faro.

Some travel websites show that you can get plane tickets that are up to 30% cheaper for the same flight if you book one month in advance.

It can be even cheaper if you book your tickets earlier. On average, the cheapest tickets from Cork to Faro were obtained when booked 2 months in advance.

When are the cheapest flights from Cork to Faro?

The cheapest time in the year to travel to Faro from Cork is the period from  late winter to late spring (March to May). Of the three months, March is the cheapest. 

Although it’s quietest in March, the weather  in Faro is still very pleasant. Average temperatures can rise to 19℃ — almost 10 degrees hotter than in Cork at the same time!

The weather is pleasant, but can drop at night. Make sure to pack warm enough clothes if you do want to visit Faro in March. On average, the water is at 17℃, warm enough for the most adventurous!

You can get a flight to Faro from Cork for 50 € in March. Generally, it is more expensive to fly to Faro in the morning than in the evening.

What are the peak tourist months in Faro?

Faro is known throughout Europe for its great weather — it’s one of the hottest spots in Portugal and is one of the sunniest destinations in Europe.

Throughout the year, there is very little rainfall in Faro, especially during summer (from June to September). During this time, temperatures steadily climb above 25℃ and peak at 30℃ in July.

The peak tourist season in Faro spans from June to October, with July and August attracting the most visitors. 

During this period, flights can be considerably expensive, particularly between June and August, where most flights cost over 110 € per person. In particular, July is the priciest month, with an average cost of 160 € per person.

How to prepare your flight from Cork to Faro

Required documents

To board the flight, all passengers must have a valid passport. If a passport is expired, it can be renewed online here. It typically takes 10 to 15 days, whereas it can take up to 8 weeks by post.

Read here for a detailed look at passport renewal fees.

At present, there are no specific COVID-related travel restrictions for passengers travelling from Ireland to Portugal, and proof of vaccination or negative test results are not needed.

Finally, don’t forget your boarding passes before you fly! You can check in online beforehand, but if you don’t have your tickets online, you need to show up at Cork airport to do it. Just make sure you leave enough time to check in when you get there.

Arriving at Cork airport

Like with most flights, you need to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight takes off. This gives you plenty of time to check in and go through security. You don’t want to be late and miss your flight, so make sure you get to your gate in time.

If you’re in a hurry, you can zip through security at Cork airport by using the fast track lane. It’ll cost you a few euros (around 6 to 8 €), but you can breeze through security in under 10 minutes.

Booking a car rental in Faro before your flight

If you’re planning to rent a car in Faro, we highly recommend booking in advance to secure the best prices. The airport offers a range of options to choose from.

You can hire a car in Faro through Trazler. Our platform will show the cheapest options for car rentals.

Please note that there are toll booths along the Portuguese motorways. While you can use your debit or credit card to pay most of the time, some toll booths may not accept foreign cards. To avoid any inconvenience, it’s wise to have some cash on hand before departing the airport.

Arriving at Faro airport

If you’re not interested in renting a car, there are other convenient options available for travelling from Faro airport to the city centre.

Taking the bus from Faro airport to Faro centre

Próximo operates two bus services, the number 14 and 16, that will get you to the city centre in around 15 minutes. Look for the blue and white buses to identify them.

When taking the number 16 bus, remember that there are buses arriving from two different directions. Make sure that you board the bus heading to Faro. 

The number 16 bus operates more frequently than the number 14, running every 30-50 minutes depending on the time of day. It’s worth mentioning that the number 16 bus connects Faro to one of the region’s most popular beaches, making it a popular option for both tourists and locals towards the end of the day.

A single journey on either bus costs 2.35 € and must be paid in cash directly to the driver. It’s best to have the exact change or small notes, as drivers may not accept big bank notes (20 € or higher).

Taking the taxi from Faro airport to Faro centre

At the airport, you’ll find plenty of taxis ready to take you to your destination. Normally, it takes about 15 minutes to reach Faro city centre from the airport, but please bear in mind that the journey might take longer due to traffic or the location of your accommodation.

While taking a taxi is the priciest option, it can be convenient if you’re carrying heavy luggage or in a hurry. The average cost of a taxi ride from the airport to the city is around 15 €, but keep in mind that the rates may vary depending on the time of day. Rates are typically higher during evenings and weekends.

Also, there is an extra fee of 1.60 € if you store your luggage in the taxi’s boot.

Flights from Cork to Faro are a great choice, as they are short and there is no time difference between Ireland and Portugal. To get the best deal, we recommend booking in advance, travelling during off-peak months, and taking evening flights.

After landing in Faro, it’s important to plan ahead for transportation to the city centre. While public transportation is an option, it’s worth noting that services in the area are known for being unreliable.

Otherwise, you can hire a car before you land in Faro. You can do this through Trazler, a website that lets you book travel tickets, accommodation, and car rentals all on the same platform.

At Trazler, we aim to make the booking process as stress-free as possible. Also, we promise that we will show you cheap prices for everything you book.

We wish you a lovely trip to Faro!

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