Water Parks around Málaga – Why Are They A Must Visit?

We explain why the water parks around Málaga are a must visit and recommend some of the best water parks in the region.
We explain why the water parks around Málaga are a must visit and recommend some of the best water parks in the region.
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Water parks are a popular destination for families, especially during the hot summer months. They provide endless entertainment options for everyone, from toddlers to thrill-seekers, making them a must-visit attraction. 

Málaga, a popular tourist destination in Spain, has many water parks in the surrounding areas that offer something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for some family-friendly fun, you can’t go wrong with a day at one of the region’s water parks.

With thrilling slides, relaxing wave pools, and attractions designed specifically for young children, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

In this article, we will explore some of the best water parks near Málaga and why they are worth visiting. So pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sense of adventure, and get ready to make a splash in Málaga’s best water parks!

Water parks provide entertainment for the whole family

How to choose the best water park in Malaga?
Toddlers having fun in a child-friendly pool

One of the main benefits of most water parks is that they are family-friendly. Whether you are traveling with toddlers, teenagers, or children, you can rest assured that everyone will be entertained!

For the thrill-seekers

For thrill-seekers, water parks have a lot to offer, unsurprisingly. Most water parks have a variety of water slides, from the more vanilla medium-speed slides to the intense four-lane racers. 

Many water parks have toboggan mats that can provide an adrenaline rush to even the most adventurous. Some toboggan mat slides start 80 meters above the ground!

For those who want to relax

Many water parks have plenty of options for people to sit back and relax. There are poolside bars where adults can lay under the sun and enjoy fruity cocktails, or have a relaxing nap under umbrellas.

There are also dining options, often serving unpretentious food that the whole family will enjoy.

For toddlers

If you’re traveling with young children who don’t want to go on the big slides, don’t worry! Many water parks have entertainment specifically for toddlers.

You can expect to find wave machines that are sure to thrill your toddlers. The areas are supervised, of course, and designed with the children’s safety in mind.

Admission to certain slides is based on height

One thing to remember if you are going to a water park is that some slides have height restrictions. These restrictions are to make sure that small children do not go on potentially dangerous slides.

We recognize, however, that the smallest members of your family might be disappointed if they can’t go on certain slides. 

Some great water parks near Málaga

A lot of the best water parks in the region are not in the city of Málaga. They aren’t too far away from the city, but you will probably need to drive to get to the parks. We recommend that you hire a car for your day trip to the water park.

Anyways, here are some of the best water parks near Málaga:

Aqualand Torremolinos

If you’re looking for a fun water park experience near Malaga Airport, Aqualand Torremolinos is a great option. This family-friendly park boasts a wide range of water attractions, from exciting slides to relaxing wave pools, as well as fun features for children. 

With a great selection of activities, Aqualand Torremolinos is one of the largest water parks in Malaga and offers something for everyone.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, there are over 10 thrilling attractions to choose from, including the Boomerang, a massive 15-meter half pipe with a steep drop, the Black Hole, a 12-meter dark tube slide, and the Kamikaze, a 22-meter slide with an incredible drop.

These are just a few of the exciting options that are sure to get your heart racing!

If you’re visiting with kids, there are plenty of safe and fun attractions, including slides and hanging bridges, all closely monitored by a team of attentive lifeguards. And don’t miss the fantastic wave pool, with waves over one meter high.

For those looking for a more relaxed experience, there’s a bubble pool and shaded garden area to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.

All that excitement is sure to work up an appetite, but there’s no need to worry as there are several fast food outlets within the park offering delicious pizzas, salads, hot dogs, sandwiches, and even a restaurant with a wide variety of dishes.

If you’ve forgotten anything essential like your swimming costume or sunscreen, you can purchase these items and more at the gift shop.

Aquavelis Torre del Mar

If you’re in the Velez-Malaga area and looking for a fun water park experience for the whole family, Torre del Mar has just the place for you! 

This park offers a wide range of water activities, including a large wave pool, a stunning lake, areas designed specifically for children, and a spa-style jet pool. And of course, there are eight exciting slides for all levels of fun and difficulty to enjoy.

With water slides suitable for all ages, this park has something for everyone. The soft slides are particularly impressive, and the multi-lane slides are perfect for racing your friends. Don’t miss the covered slides, which offer a fun surprise at the end. 

This water park has a star attraction that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping: the Kamikaze slide, which drops you more than 80 meters at full speed. 

If you’re looking for even more excitement, the park also has a virtual reality area where you can immerse yourself in fantastic games. It’s called VRFun, and it’s a virtual reality arcade where you can fight against drones and zombies.

Unlike the water park, which is only open in the summer, this attraction is open all year round and offers both individual and multiplayer experiences.

The park also features a large area for children to play in, as well as a wave pool and exclusive attractions for the youngest members of the family. There’s a mini zone for children aged under 8 and the recently installed AquaSplash for adventurers aged up to 10.

When it comes to dining options, there is no shortage of choices. You can recharge your batteries with burgers, hot dogs, cafeteria-style food, ice cream, kiosks, or even a traditional fritter stand.

For those seeking a more laid-back experience, there are plenty of green areas with umbrellas where you can unwind with a good book or take a well-deserved nap.

To conclude

Water parks are an excellent choice for families looking for a fun day out. With endless options for entertainment, including exciting water slides, wave pools, and areas for toddlers, everyone is sure to have a great time. 

The water parks near Málaga, such as Aqualand Torremolinos and Aquavelis Torre del Mar, offer some of the best water park experiences in the region, making them a must-visit attraction. 

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