What are the best spots on Málaga beach ?

Let us show you the best beaches to discover in Malaga as soon as possible.
The beaches in Málaga are very enjoyable

Málaga is a city in Andalucia, a region in the South of Spain. Being located in the Iberian Peninsula and at the western extremity of the Mediterranean sea, Málaga offers cool and sunny weather almost all year round. 

Málaga is at the center of a bay, surrounded by a chain of mountains. It has been one of the centers of a quickly developing tourism activity in the Spanish 70s, making it a key point for the economy and culture on the Mediterranean coast. 

Málaga’s average yearly temperature is 18.5 degrees: the summer is warm and dry, very sunny. The time of the year for visiting Málaga is the months between February and October. 

You can enjoy many beach points in Málaga, and around the whole Costa del Sol. But which ones are the best? Let us tell you all about it in this article, so you can enjoy your sunny holiday in Málaga in the best possible way!

La Malagueta beach 

La Malagueta is one of the most popular beaches in Málaga. It’s probably the most convenient beach in Málaga, as it’s very central and wide. Both locals and tourists can enjoy the sun, a quick dip in the sea, or a morning beach volley match. 

About one kilometer long and only 10 minutes away from the city center, La Malagueta also offers a walking path beneath the palm trees, if you’re not feeling like putting your swimsuit on. 

It’s a perfect beach, either for solo travelers, couples, and even families: you can rent beach umbrellas, lounge chairs, and even nautical equipment, as well as access the playground area. 

You will also be able to enjoy the cafés and restaurants on the beach, which has received an award for efforts towards environmental education! When you get enough sand for the day, you can walk from the beach to Málaga Park, Muelle Uno, or the Centre Pompidou Málaga for a bit of sightseeing.

Pedregalejo beach 

Pedregalejo is also very close to Málaga city center, which makes it very popular during summer as well. More than a kilometer long, it has been awarded a label for offering a high-quality experience

Like many beaches, Pedregalejo offers a great environment to soak in the sun, walk and bike around, swim in the sea, and get a nice tan. But it’s also more than that… 

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Pedregalejo: it is surrounded by restaurants and “chiringuitos” serving a wide variety of fish and seafood. There, you can enjoy the famous “espetos”, fish skewers typical from the Costa del Sol. 

Playa de Maro 

Maro beach is a breathtaking place to visit, at the heart of the wilderness. Don’t forget to bring your own snacks! You can get to Playa de Maro by foot (although it might not be the easiest walk) or by bus. It has disabled access.

You can rent kayaks in Playa de Maro; you can also bring your snorkeling equipment, as there are many marine animals to observe underwater: it’s a great experience!

Otherwise, just enjoy the sun and the clear water. Playa de Maro is great for relaxing, as it isn’t as crowded as the beaches closer to Málaga city center. But plan to lay your towel far from the sea, as it gets pretty high on the beach during the day. 

Playa de la Caleta 

Close to La Malagueta, Playa de la Caleta is also a short walk away from the Málaga city center. Thus, it is also very popular. Being a kilometer long, it can welcome many people. 

With its dark sand, grass, and palm trees, it is a great place to lie down and relax, either in the sun or in the shade. The promenade path of Playa de la Caleta offers many restaurants and cafés for a pleasant culinary experience. 

You can also rent nautical equipment, pedalos, lounge chairs, and umbrellas, and enjoy sports areas as well as a playground for children. The Playa de la Caleta also received awards for high-quality experience and environmental education

Playa del Palo 

The Playa del Palo is located east of Málaga, close to Pedregalejo beach. It is 1,2 kilometers long and was also rewarded for the quality of the experience it offers

Playa del Palo might just be the most relaxing beach in Málaga: you can lay on its fine sand, swim in the clear and shallow sea, and enjoy the sun or the shade, under the huge palm grove.

Playa del Palo is popular among locals: thus it is more affordable than other touristic beaches. Its promenade is full of “chiringuitos”, perfect for enjoying local food. 

On July 16th, Playa del Palo receives the celebration for the Virgen del Carmen: it’s a traditional procession, with many concerts, markets, and other attractions, transforming the beach into a huge party. A must! 

beach in Malaga - the best spots
Traditional procession for the Virgen del Carmen

Playa de la Misericordia 

Close to the city, the Playa de la Misericordia is one of the widest in the Málaga area, being 2 kilometers long. It has pleasant clear waters and fine sand and is surrounded by restaurants.  

This beach is known for its curiosity, the Ola del Melillo: it’s a wave similar to a little tide, strong but temporary, caused by the ferry connecting Málaga to Melilla. The Ola is tricky: always surprising the swimmers, it also rushes to the towels and personal belongings. Be careful!  

From the beach, you can get to the promenade path named Paseo Maritimo, and observe the old industrial chimney still standing on the coast. 

beach in Malaga - 2
Playa de la Misericordia at dusk

Playa Peñón del Cuervo 

The Playa Peñón del Cuervo gets its name from the huge rock coming out of the sea and overshadowing the swimmers. The small beach is also home to an endangered plant species. 

The beach is a preferred place for cultural events, concerts, and nightlife parties. You can also enjoy culinary experiences, grills, and street food traditional from the area. 

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a nice vibe while getting away from the city, although you’re never too far away. 

Here, now you have all the tips and locations to visit the best beach spots in the Málaga area! You can tell us which one you liked the best when visiting Málaga : you can do so by booking tickets for your trip through the Trazler website

The website is clear and accessible: it lets you book tickets for flights, accommodation, transport, and car rentals, all in one place. We hope you have a great and sunny time in Málaga and make the most of the Spanish culture and warmth!

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